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CSHL Meetings and Courses Symposia Oral History Interviews

Identifier: MCOH
Scope and Contents CSHL Meetings and Courses Symposia Oral History Interviews contain interviews conducted with 337 scientists within the fields of molecular biology, genetics, and the life sciences, between 2004 and 2018. The interviewees provide first-hand accounts of their experiences in the fields of modern biology as neuroscience, cancer, genetics, plant genetics, genomics, biotechnology and others. The collection contains video recordings. The collection is organized by year of the interviews. Different...
Dates: 2004 - 2018

Davenport and Demerec Reprints

Identifier: DDR
Scope and Contents The Davenport and Demerec Reprint Collection consists of reprints of scientific papers spanning the years ca. 1868-ca. 1960 organized as two sub-collections (Davenport and Demerec) sorted alphabetically by the last name of the first author of the reprints. In its entirety, this collection contains 293 linear feet of reprints, totaling 88,400 items. 56 linear feet of materials, totaling 15,237 items, have previously been selected by science historians as of preeminent value to scholars and...
Dates: 1868 - 1960

Charles B. Davenport Collection

Identifier: CBD

The Charles B. Davenport Collection contains the papers of Davenport and those of his wife Gertrude Crotty Davenport. It consists of family, institutional, and scientific photographs, biographical material, memorabilia, correspondence, photocopies of his articles, and supporting material. It is divided into four record groups: Record Group I: Photographs; Record Group II: Biographical Material; Record Group III: Memorabilia; and Record Group IV: Supporting Material.

Dates: 1809-1965

Dr. Charles DeLisi Collection

Identifier: CDL

These files are the letters sent by attendees of the Santa Fe Workshop in 1986. These formed the basis of Dr. DeLisi’s memo to the Assistant Secretary proposing the project.

Dates: 1983-1989

Demerec Family Collection

Identifier: DFC
Scope and Contents

The Demerec Family Collection consists of awards (1935-1962) belonging to Milislav Demerec, as well as clippings and publications (1980-1994) collected by Zlata Demerec Hartman related to Dr. Barbara McClintock. There is also two letters of correspondence (1998) between Zlata Demerec Hartman and Dr. Lee Kass regarding Dr. Barbara McClintock.

Dates: Bulk 1980s-1990s

Eugenics Record Office Collection

Identifier: ERO

The Eugenics Record Office Collection was established in 1910 at the Carnegie Institute of Washington (Cold Spring Harbor, NY) and closed in 1939. succeeded by the Department of Genetics. The collection contains administrative papers, photographs, publications and supporting materials, family pedigree charts, and requests for information, as well as materials related to and accrued by superintendent Harry H. Laughlin.

Dates: 1902-2003

Hugo Fricke Collection

Identifier: HF

The Hugo Fricke Collection contains laboratory notebooks, correspondence, lantern and glass slides, and scientific papers. Fricke pioneered ionization methods in the early 1920’s. Hugo Fricke’s papers on radiation are still cited today so access to his laboratory notebooks would be an asset to scientists.

Dates: 1920-1972

Errol C. Friedberg Collection

Identifier: ECF

The Errol C. Friedberg Collection is comprised of material related to the research and writing of biographies of Nobel Laureates James D. Watson and Sydney Benner.

Dates: 1956-2010; Majority of material found within 1998 - 2010

James I. Garrels Protein Databases, Inc. Collection

Identifier: JIG
Abstract The James I. Garrels Protein Databases Inc. Collection contains materials related to James Garrels and his work in the formation of the company Protein Databases. Garrels was a Senior Staff Scientist and director of the Quest Protein Database Center for two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and computer analysis at CSH from 1985 to 1995. His group developed the QUEST Protein Database Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY. This was a leading-edge facility in a field that...
Dates: 1983-1989

Walter Gilbert Collection

Identifier: WAG
Abstract The Walter Gilbert Collection documents the scientific career of Nobel Prize winning scientist Walter “Wally” Gilbert. It includes material accrued while a student (Sidwell Friends School, Harvard University, Cambridge University), professor (Harvard University), and as a pioneering entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology (Biogen). The collection includes course notebooks, lecture notes and teaching files, scientific papers, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, clippings, and...
Dates: 1946-2011

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives 65
Development Area 1
Correspondence 29
Cold Spring Harbor (N.Y.) 22
Photographs 21
Laboratory Notebooks 10
Genetics 9
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Reprints 8
Laurel Hollow (N.Y.) 7
Bacteriophages 6
Biotechnology 5
Clippings (information artifacts) 5
Eugenics 5
Human Genome Project 5
Slides (Photographs) 5
Administrative Records 4
Automated DNA Sequencers 4
Bacteriology 4
Cambridge (Mass.) 4
Manuscripts 4
Meetings 4
Memorandums 4
Nobel Prize winners. 4
Scrapbooks 4
Annual Reports 3
Awards 3
Electrophoresis Gel Migration 3
Film transparencies 3
Genetic recombination 3
Isolating mechanisms 3
Laboratory notes 3
Ledgers (account books) 3
Maps 3
Membership lists 3
Memorabilia 3
Minutes 3
Nobel Prize 3
Nobel Prizes. 3
Patents-Japan 3
Sequencing 3
Typescripts 3
Washington (D.C.) 3
Yeast fungi 3
Yeast fungi Genetic engineering 3
Agent Orange 2
Albinos and albinism 2
Articles and Clippings 2
Articles and Reprints 2
Base Sequencing 2
Biogen (Firm) 2
Biotechnology. 2
Blueprints 2
Botany 2
Brooklyn (N.Y.) 2
Caenorhabditis elegans 2
Cambridge (England) 2
Cancer. 2
Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd 2
Chicago (Ill.) 2
Clippings 2
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2
Cold Spring Harbor, (NY) 2
Course Outlines, Teaching Files and Lecture Notes 2
DNA Detection 2
DNA Replication 2
DNA Restriction Enzymes 2
DVDs 2
Diaries 2
Drosophila 2
Drosophila Genetics 2
Email Communications 2
Escherichia coli 2
Financial Records 2
Fund Raising 2
Genetics--History. 2
Genome Mapping and Sequencing 2
Hamamatsu, Japan 2
Heredity 2
Homothallism 2
Lab Notebooks 2
Lantern slides 2
Lecture Notes 2
Long Island (N.Y.) 2
Manuscripts (document genre) 2
Messenger RNA. 2
Molecular Biology 2
Molecular biology 2
Nobel Prizes 2
Nobel prize winners. 2
Nucleic Acid – Sequencing 2
Nucleotide sequence. 2
Okayama, Japan 2
Pamphlets 2
Paris (France) 2
Patent Licenses 2
Patents--United States. 2
Plant genetics 2
Plasmids 2
Real Estate Development 2
Real estate development 2
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Polish 1
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 23
Davenport, Charles Benedict, 1866-1944 12
Watson, James D., 1928- 12
Demerec, M. (Milislav), 1895-1966 9
Long Island Biological Association (N.Y.) 9
∨ more
Gilbert, Walter, 1932- 7
Blakeslee, Albert Francis, 1874-1954 6
Harvard University 6
Hershey, A. D. (Alfred Day), 1908- 6
Luria, S. E. (Salvador Edward), 1912-1991 6
Brenner, Sydney 5
Bush, Vannevar, 1890-1974 5
Carnegie Institution of Washington. Department of Genetics 5
Klar, Amar 5
McClintock, Barbara, 1902-1992 5
Stillman, Bruce 5
Witkin, Evelyn 5
Benzer, Seymour, 1921- 4
Cairns, John, 1922- 4
Carnegie Institution of Washington. Station for Experimental Evolution at Cold Spring Harbor, New York 4
Crick, Francis, 1916-2004 4
Delbrück, Max 4
Hicks, James B. 4
Laughlin, Harry Hamilton, 1880-1943 4
Lederberg, Joshua 4
Meselson, Matthew, 1930- 4
Stahl, Franklin W. 4
Stent, Gunther S. (Gunther Siegmund), 1924-2008 4
Strathern, Jeffrey N. 4
University of Chicago 4
American Philosophical Society 3
Baltimore, David 3
Banbury Center 3
Berg, Paul, 1926- 3
Biological Laboratory (Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.) 3
Branscomb, Elbert 3
California Institute of Technology 3
Doty, Paul M., 1920-2011 3
Dunn, L. C. (Leslie Clarence), 1893-1974 3
Ephrussi, Boris, 1901-1979 3
Gesteland, Raymond F. 3
Harris de Tomasi, Jane Davenport, 1897-1984 3
Herr, Winship 3
Hooper, Franklin William, 1851-1914 3
Husimi, Yuzuru 3
Jacob, François, 1920-2013 3
MacDowell, E. Carleton (Edwin Carleton), 1887-1973 3
Mayr, Ernst, 1904-2005 3
Merriam, John C. (John Campbell), 1869-1945 3
Morgan, Thomas Hunt, 1866-1945 3
National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) 3
National Research Council (U.S.) 3
Pauling, Linus, 1901-1994 3
Riddle, Oscar (1877-1968) 3
Rockefeller University 3
Smith, Lloyd 3
Steitz, Joan A. 3
Sulston, John 3
Venter, J. Craig 3
Watson, Elizabeth L. 3
Zinder, Norton D. 3
Abramson, Harold A. (Harold Alexander), 1899-1980 2
Ackerman, Edward A. (Edward Augustus), 1911-1973 2
American Association for the Advancement of Science 2
Avery, Amos G. 2
Beadle, George Wells, 1903-1989 2
Berry, Andrew, Dr. 2
Blackburn, Elizabeth H. 2
Blackford, , Eugene G. 2
Bridges, Calvin B. (Calvin Blackman), 1889-1938 2
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences 2
Cantor, Charles R., 1942- 2
Capecchi, Mario R. 2
Carrano, Anthony V. 2
Charles DeLisi 2
Chovnick, Arthur 2
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of Quantitative Biology 2
Collins, Francis S. 2
Columbia University 2
De Forest, Henry W. (Henry Wheeler), 1855-1938 2
Dean, Bashford, 1867-1928 2
Dobzhansky, Theodosius, 1900-1975. 2
Dulbecco, Renato 1914-2012 2
Finnery, Michael 2
Fisher, Agnes C. 2
Fisher, Irving, 1867-1947 2
Flavell, R. A. (Richard A.) 2
Friedberg, Errol C. 2
Glass, Bentley, 1906-2005 2
Harkavy, Millia Davenport 2
Harris, Reginald G. (Reginald Gordon), 1898-1936 2
Harris, Reginald Gordon, 1898-1936 2
Hopkins, Nancy (Nancy H.) 2
Hunkapillar, Michael 2
Huxley, Julian, 1887-1975 2
Jamison, Kay R. 2
Kambara, Hideki 2
Los Alamos National Laboratory 2
Maaløe, Ole 2
Medical Research Council (Great Britain) 2
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