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Amos G. Avery Photographic Collection

Identifier: AGA
Overview Selection of photographs in the possession of Amos G. Avery taken between the years of 1926-42. The majority of the photographs were taken in the 1930’s. This collection includes 129 unsorted photographs, approximately 75 negatives, and 3 scrapbooks.

Banbury Reports Collection

Identifier: BRC
Overview The Cold Spring Harbor Banbury Collection consists of manuscripts, transcripts, publisher's gallies, reprints and program notes relating to science-related meetings held at the Banbury Center.

Dr. Alan W. Bernheimer Sr. Collection of Cold Spring Harbor Historic Materials

Identifier: AWB
Overview Dr. Alan Bernheimer Sr. Collection of Cold Spring Harbor Historic Materials contains reports, topographical maps, announcements, surveys, and publications relevant to the history of town of Cold Spring Harbor, New York, as well as Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory including the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum, and the natural history of Cold Spring Harbor from 1897-1946.

Sydney Brenner Collection

Identifier: SB
Overview The Sydney Brenner Collection consists of over 300 manuscript boxes of materials documenting the life of Dr. Sydney Brenner, from his early years as a student in South Africa, to his work as a scientist and administrator at the Medical Research Council (MRC) and other institutions, to his role in the biotechnology industry in the United Kingdom.

The Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences – The Biological Laboratory Collection

Identifier: BIAS
Overview The collection represents material generated, accumulated, and maintained by the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (BIAS) Biological Laboratory founded in 1890 for training high school and college teachers in marine biology in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. The BIAS Biological Laboratory Collection ends in 1924 when the Biological Lab and its functions were transferred to the Long Island Biological Association. The collection is divided into four series: BIAS Trustees, Bio Lab Trustees,...

Clarence G. Campbell Collection

Identifier: CGC
Overview The Clarence G. Campbell Collection documents the career of Clarence G. Campbell, noted eugenicist and first president of the Eugenics Research Association. The collection consists of typescripts or reprints of articles, news clippings, ephemera, and letters.

Elof Carlson Collection

Identifier: EAC
Overview The Elof Carlson Collection documents the professional career of Dr. Elof Axel Carlson as a university level professor through his retirement to become a writer. Professionally, Dr. Carlson is best known for his biography of Nobel prize winning scientist Dr. Hermann J. Muller. The breadth and scope of the collection range from scientific research and laboratory notebooks to humorous essays on modern society.

Carnegie Institution of Washington - Eugenics Record Office Collection

Identifier: ERO
Overview The Carnegie Institute of Washington engaged in biological research in Cold Spring Harbor, NY and along with private funding established the Eugenics Record Office (ERO) from 1910 until the Office closed in 1939. The Eugenics Record Office Collection contains administrative papers, photographs, publications and supporting materials produced in the collection and analysis of American genetic and family history records. The collection is divided into five series: H. H. Laughlin material, Horse...

Carnegie Institution of Washington at Cold Spring Harbor Administrative Records

Identifier: CIWA
Overview This collection contains the administrative records of the directors of the Carnegie Institution of Washington Station for Experimental Evolution (1904-1921) and its successor, the Department of Genetics (1921-1962), and its final institution, The Genetics Research Unit (1962-1974), which was opened in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, in 1904. These records document the history of a 20th scientific research center and the development of a modern organizational structure through...

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives 58
Development Area 1
Correspondence 29
Cold Spring Harbor (N.Y.) 22
Photographs 20
Genetics 9
Laboratory Notebooks 9
∨ more
Reprints 8
Laurel Hollow (N.Y.) 7
Biotechnology 5
Clippings (information artifacts) 5
Eugenics 5
Human Genome Project 5
Administrative Records 4
Automated DNA Sequencers 4
Bacteriophages 4
Cambridge (Mass.) 4
Manuscripts 4
Meetings 4
Memorandums 4
Nobel Prize winners. 4
Scrapbooks 4
Slides (Photographs) 4
Annual Reports 3
Awards 3
Bacteriology 3
Electrophoresis Gel Migration 3
Film transparencies 3
Genetic recombination 3
Isolating mechanisms 3
Laboratory notes 3
Ledgers (account books) 3
Maps 3
Membership lists 3
Memorabilia 3
Minutes 3
Nobel Prizes. 3
Patents-Japan 3
Sequencing 3
Typescripts 3
Washington (D.C.) 3
Yeast fungi 3
Yeast fungi Genetic engineering 3
Accessions Registers 2
Albinos and albinism 2
Articles and Clippings 2
Articles and Reprints 2
Biogen (Firm) 2
Biotechnology. 2
Blueprints 2
Botany 2
Brooklyn (N.Y.) 2
Caenorhabditis elegans 2
Cambridge (England) 2
Cancer. 2
Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd 2
Chicago (Ill.) 2
Clippings 2
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2
Cold Spring Harbor, (NY) 2
Course Outlines, Teaching Files and Lecture Notes 2
DNA Detection 2
DVDs 2
Diaries 2
Escherichia coli 2
Financial Records 2
Fund Raising 2
Genetics--History. 2
Genome Mapping and Sequencing 2
Hamamatsu, Japan 2
Heredity 2
Homothallism 2
Lab Notebooks 2
Lantern slides 2
Lecture Notes 2
Long Island (N.Y.) 2
Manuscripts (document genre) 2
Messenger RNA. 2
Nobel Prize 2
Nobel Prizes 2
Nucleic Acid – Sequencing 2
Nucleotide sequence. 2
Okayama, Japan 2
Pamphlets 2
Paris (France) 2
Patent Licenses 2
Plant genetics 2
Real Estate Development 2
Real estate development 2
Reports 2
Tokyo, Japan 2
Woods Hole (Mass.) 2
Yeast 2
Abnormalities, Human. 1
Abortion 1
Abstracts (summaries) 1
Academic Press, Inc. 1
Accidents, Auto 1
Adenoviruses. 1
Administration 1
Agent Orange 1
∧ less
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 25
Davenport, Charles Benedict, 1866-1944 12
Long Island Biological Association (N.Y.) 10
Watson, James D., 1928- 10
Demerec, M. (Milislav), 1895-1966 8
∨ more
Blakeslee, Albert Francis, 1874-1954 6
Gilbert, Walter, 1932- 6
Hershey, A. D. (Alfred Day), 1908- 6
Luria, S. E. (Salvador Edward), 1912-1991 6
Bush, Vannevar, 1890-1974 5
Carnegie Institution of Washington. Department of Genetics 5
Harvard University 5
McClintock, Barbara, 1902-1992 5
Benzer, Seymour, 1921- 4
Carnegie Institution of Washington. Station for Experimental Evolution at Cold Spring Harbor, New York 4
Klar, Amar 4
Laughlin, Harry Hamilton, 1880-1943 4
Lederberg, Joshua 4
Stillman, Bruce 4
Witkin, Evelyn 4
American Philosophical Society 3
Baltimore, David 3
Banbury Center 3
Biological Laboratory (Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.) 3
Brenner, Sydney 3
Crick, Francis, 1916-2004 3
Delbrück, Max 3
Dunn, L. C. (Leslie Clarence), 1893-1974 3
Ephrussi, Boris, 1901-1979 3
Harris de Tomasi, Jane Davenport, 1897-1984 3
Hicks, James B. 3
Hooper, Franklin William, 1851-1914 3
Husimi, Yuzuru 3
Jacob, François, 1920-2013 3
MacDowell, E. Carleton (Edwin Carleton), 1887-1973 3
Merriam, John C. (John Campbell), 1869-1945 3
Morgan, Thomas Hunt, 1866-1945 3
National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) 3
National Research Council (U.S.) 3
Riddle, Oscar (1877-1968) 3
Rockefeller University 3
Smith, Lloyd 3
Stent, Gunther S. (Gunther Siegmund), 1924-2008 3
Strathern, Jeffrey N. 3
University of Chicago 3
Watson, Elizabeth L. 3
Abramson, Harold A. (Harold Alexander), 1899-1980 2
Ackerman, Edward A. (Edward Augustus), 1911-1973 2
American Association for the Advancement of Science 2
Avery, Amos G. 2
Beadle, George Wells, 1903-1989 2
Berg, Paul, 1926- 2
Blackford, , Eugene G. 2
Branscomb, Elbert 2
Bridges, Calvin B. (Calvin Blackman), 1889-1938 2
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences 2
Cairns, John, 1922- 2
California Institute of Technology 2
Carrano, Anthony V. 2
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of Quantitative Biology 2
Columbia University 2
Cornell University 2
De Forest, Henry W. (Henry Wheeler), 1855-1938 2
Dean, Bashford, 1867-1928 2
Dobzhansky, Theodosius, 1900-1975. 2
Finnery, Michael 2
Fisher, Agnes C. 2
Fisher, Irving, 1867-1947 2
Gesteland, Raymond F. 2
Glass, Bentley, 1906-2005 2
Harkavy, Millia Davenport 2
Harris, Reginald G. (Reginald Gordon), 1898-1936 2
Harris, Reginald Gordon, 1898-1936 2
Herr, Winship 2
Hunkapillar, Michael 2
Kambara, Hideki 2
Los Alamos National Laboratory 2
Maaløe, Ole 2
Mayr, Ernst, 1904-2005 2
Medical Research Council (Great Britain) 2
Meselson, Matthew, 1930- 2
Micklos, David A. 2
Monod, Jacques Louis, 1910-1976 2
Muller, H.J. (Herman Joseph), 1890-1967 2
Page, Arthur W. (Arthur Wilson), 1883-1960 2
Pauling, Linus, 1901-1994 2
Perutz, Max F. 2
Ponder, Eric, 1898-1970 2
Ptashne, Mark 2
Sambrook, Joseph 2
Satina, Sophia 2
Saylor, Henry H. (Henry Hodgman), b. 1880 2
Shull, George Harrison, 1874-1954 2
Sinnott, Edmund W. (Edmund Ware), 1888-1958 2
Stahl, Franklin W. 2
Station for Experimental Evolution (Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.) 2
Steitz, Joan A. 2
Sulston, John 2
Szilard, Leo 2
Tamotu, Simada 2
∧ less