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03. Special Collections

 Record Group
Identifier: 03
CSHL Special Collections houses the history of molecular biology, genetics, and biotechnology worldwide. In addition to the Rare Book Collection and the Oral History Collection, it includes the personal collections of numerous notable scientists. Collections of note include the Sydney Brenner Collection, the Hermann Muller Collection, and the Matthew Meselson Collection. Generally, Special Collection materials consist of correspondence, photographs, laboratory notebooks, administrative files, memorabilia, and audiovisual media.

Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

Sir Kenneth Murray and Lady Noreen Parker Murray Collection

Identifier: KMNPM

Sir Kenneth Murray and Lady Noreen Parker Murray Collection contains documents pertinent to the EMBO Workshop on DNA Restriction and Modification in Basel, Switzerland during September 1972, and a laboratory notebook used by Sir Kenneth Murray in 1978 while at the University of Edinburgh. Within this notebook is a copy of a reprint by Peter Hans Hofschneider and Kenneth Murray, in 2001.

Dates: 1972-1978

Oral History Collection

Identifier: OH
Scope and Contents The Oral History Collection contains interviews conducted with 200 scientists within the fields of molecular biology, genetics, and the life sciences between 1990 and 2018. The interviewees provide first-hand accounts of their experiences in the fields of modern biology, such as neuroscience, cancer, genetics, plant genetics, genomics, biotechnology and others, from the 1940s through the 2000s. The collection contains audio and video recordings, as well as transcripts of interviews....
Dates: 1990 - 2019

Mark Ptashne Collection

Identifier: MSP
Scope and Contents The Mark Ptashne Collection contains two separate correspondence series. The first contains correspondence with Dr. George Klein of the Karolinska Institute, the renowned microbiologist, philosopher, and author. The second series contains correspondence with over one hundred scientists, including Nobel laureates Francis Crick, Sydney Brenner, and Walter Gilbert. This series also contains clippings, photographs, essays, and reports.The Ptashne-Klein materials cover a wide range of...
Dates: 1967-2006

Rare Books

Identifier: RB
Scope and Contents

The Rare Book Collection encompasses 352 linear feet and over 2,500 books from the early days of the history of molecular biology and genetics. Please see the CSHL Library catalog for the complete listing of rare books.

Dates: 1697 - 2011

Gerald Rubin Collection: Model Organism Genome Sequencing

Identifier: GR

The Dr. Gerald Rubin Collection contains documents pertinent to the Drosophila sequencing project collaboration in 1999, the Celera Genomics collaboration, and correspondence with the Department of Energy concerning support for model organism sequencing.

Dates: 1992-1999

Raquel Rotman Sussman Collection

Identifier: RRS

The Dr. Raquel Sussman Collection (1944-2007) consists of material collected throughout her scientific career, including correspondence, subject files, laboratory notebooks, photographs, and reprints spanning a 40 year period in both Spanish and English.

Dates: 1944-2007

Akiyoshi Wada Collection

Identifier: AW

The Dr. Akiyoshi Wada Collection is comprised eight files and a binder of 24 CD-ROMs related to the completion of the human genome project. The files all relate to the Human Genome Project, including workshops, correspondence with Renato Dulbecco, reprints and photographs.

Dates: 1981-2003

Bruce Wallace Book Collection

Identifier: BW
Scope and Contents

The Bruce Wallace Book Collection contains Cold Spring Harbor Symposia volumes (1938-1973), National Academy of Sciences Biographical Memoirs Volumes (1985-1998), and books related to topics such as evolution, genetics, and agriculture.

Notable authors include T. Dobzhansky, S.E. Luria, F. Stahl, C.H. Waddington, M. Demerec, and T.M. Sonneborn, among others.

Dates: 1873 - 1999

Watson Family Collection

Identifier: JDWF

The Watson Family Collection (1830s-2012) consists of material created by the Watson family, such as correspondence, writings, clippings, travel ephemera, and birding material. Additionally, the collection includes a series of genealogical research collected by the family and by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory archivists.

Dates: 1830s-2012

Charles Weissmann Biogen Collection

Identifier: CWB

The Charles Weissmann Biogen Collection documents the genesis of the biotechnology company Biogen through the files of Charles Weissmann, an original collaborator and board member. The collection is mainly institutional correspondence and administrative and financial records. Biogen is renowned for its work with interferons: proteins which are made and released by host cells in response to pathogens.

Dates: 1977-1986