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03. Special Collections

 Record Group
Identifier: 03
CSHL Special Collections houses the history of molecular biology, genetics, and biotechnology worldwide. In addition to the Rare Book Collection and the Oral History Collection, it includes the personal collections of numerous notable scientists. Collections of note include the Sydney Brenner Collection, the Hermann Muller Collection, and the Matthew Meselson Collection. Generally, Special Collection materials consist of correspondence, photographs, laboratory notebooks, administrative files, memorabilia, and audiovisual media.

Found in 22 Collections and/or Records:

Dr. Alan W. Bernheimer Sr. Collection of Cold Spring Harbor Historic Materials

Identifier: AWB

Dr. Alan Bernheimer Sr. Collection of Cold Spring Harbor Historic Materials contains reports, topographical maps, announcements, surveys, and publications relevant to the history of town of Cold Spring Harbor, New York, as well as Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory including the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum, and the natural history of Cold Spring Harbor from 1897-1946.

Dates: 1897-1946

Sydney Brenner Collection

Identifier: SB

The Sydney Brenner Collection consists of over 300 manuscript boxes of materials documenting the life of Dr. Sydney Brenner, from his early years as a student in South Africa, to his work as a scientist and administrator at the Medical Research Council (MRC) and other institutions, to his role in the biotechnology industry in the United Kingdom.

Dates: 1927-2015

Bruce Wallace Collection

Identifier: BW
Scope and Contents

The Bruce Wallace Collection is a book collection containing Cold Spring Harbor Symposia volumes (1938-1973), National Academy of Sciences Biographical Memoirs Volumes (1985-1998), and books related to topics such as evolution, genetics, and agriculture. Notable authors include T. Dobzhansky, S.E. Luria, F. Stahl, C.H. Waddington, M. Demerec, T.M. Sonneborn and others.

Dates: 1873 - 1999

Elof Carlson Collection

Identifier: EAC

The Elof Carlson Collection documents the professional career of Dr. Elof Axel Carlson as a university level professor through his retirement to become a writer. Professionally, Dr. Carlson is best known for his biography of Nobel prize winning scientist Dr. Hermann J. Muller. The breadth and scope of the collection range from scientific research and laboratory notebooks to humorous essays on modern society.

Dates: 1897-2004

Dr. Charles DeLisi Collection

Identifier: CDL

These files are the letters sent by attendees of the Santa Fe Workshop in 1986. These formed the basis of Dr. DeLisi’s memo to the Assistant Secretary proposing the project.

Dates: 1986

Errol C. Friedberg Collection

Identifier: ECF

Collection of material related to writing biographies of Nobel Laureates James D. Watson and Sydney Benner.

Dates: 1956-2010 (bulk 1998-2010)

Walter Gilbert Collection

Identifier: WAG
Abstract The Walter Gilbert Collection documents the scientific career of Nobel Prize winning scientist Walter “Wally” Gilbert. It includes material accrued while a student (Sidwell Friends School, Harvard University, Cambridge University), professor (Harvard University), and as a pioneering entrepreneur in the field of biotechnology (Biogen). The collection includes course notebooks, lecture notes and teaching files, scientific papers, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, clippings, and...
Dates: 1946-2011

Dr. Yuzuru Husimi Collection, Human Genome Project, Japan

Identifier: YH

This collection relates information on Dr. Yuzuru Husimi and the development of DNA sequencers for the human genome.

Dates: 1982 - 2000

Dr. Hideki Kambara Collection, Human Genome Project

Identifier: HK

These files relate information on Dr. Hideki Kambara and the development of DNA sequencers for the human genome.

Dates: 1984-1989

Dr. Mark Ptashne Collection, 1967-2006

Identifier: MSP
Scope and Contents The Mark Ptashne Collections contains two separate sets of correspondence; one with renowned microbiologist, philsopher and author, Dr. Geroge Klein (Karolinksa Institute), and th other between over a hundred scientists including Nobelists Francis Crick, Sydney Brenner and Walter Gilbert, clippings, photographs essay and reports. The Ptashne-Klein relationship was formed athrough their extensive correspondence and visits. Their subjects range from deep philosphical discussios on...
Dates: 1967-2006