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The Future of DNA-based Diagnosis, 1993-01-10 - 1993-01-13


Scope and Contents

The Future of DNA-based Diagnosis, funded by Helix Partners Inc., was held to review some of the new research strategies being developed to move these mutation detection systems into routine large-scale application. Thus, a number of talks discussed the use of robot systems to increase the reliability and speed of tests, and there was a critical evaulation of advances in DNA sequencing by hybridization.


  • Creation: 1993-01-10 - 1993-01-13


Conditions Governing Access

Tapes have been digitized and are available for research in person at CSHL Archives. Tapes were digitized with the support of the Recordings at Risk grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources.


2 Cassettes : Tape 1 Side 1 [00:46:59] Tape 1 Side 2 [00:46:58]; Tape 2 Side 1 [00:46:53] Tape 2 Side 2 [00:46:52]

Language of Materials

From the Collection: English

Session 1: Technical Advances

The Marriage of Immunoassay Technology to DNA-Based Diagnosis / Julian Gordon

Applications of DNA Probe Ligation Detection Technology / Emily S. Winn-Dean


DNA Sequencing by Priming with Strings of Contiguous Hexamers / F. William Studier

Robotic Automation of Dot Blots / Jeffrey Quint

Sequence Based Diagnostics- A Standardized System for the Handling of Multiple Clinical Samples / Margaret Bywater-Ekegard


Application of Four Color Fluorescent Sequencing Technology to New Methods of Mutation Screening / Mel N. Kronick

Oligonucleotide Arrays and Parallel Hybridization Analysis / Stephen P. A. Fodor

Analysis of Sequence Differences by Hybridization to Array of Oligonucleotides / Edwin M. Southern

Sequencing by Hybridization (SHB) Format I and DNA Diagnostics: Present and Future Applications / Radomir Crkvenjakov

Microfabricated Detection Devices for Automated Diagnosis by Hybridization (DbH) / Mitchell Eggers


Session 2: Implementation- Consequences of Different Disorders

Application of DNA Technology for Screening and Prenatal Diagnosis of B- Thalassemia in Sardinia / Antonio Cao


The Status of Population Screening for Cystic Fibrosis / David R. Witt

Breast Cancer DNA-based Diagnosis- Moving from Research to Practice / Barbara Weber


Diagnostic DNA Sequencing for Genetics and Infectious Diseases / Richard A. Gibbs

Screening for Premutation Parents / C. Thomas Caskey


Late Onset Diseases / Arno G. Motulsky

Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease: Need for a Test in a Common Late-onset Disease / Stephen T. Reeders


DNA-based Diagnostic Testing for Cancer Predisposition: Experience to Date with p53 AND RB / David W. Yandell

Functional Assays of Tumor Suppressor Genes / Stephen H. Friend


Fluorescence- In Situ Hybridization (FISH) as a Tool for DNA-Based Diagnostics / David C. Ward


Session 3: Implementation- Economic Factors

Genetic Analysis of Disease / Mike Wigler

Insurance Companies Coverage Policy Decisions: Present and Future / John Cova

Regulation, Certification and Public Health / Edward R.B. McCabe


Development and Experience with Test Trials of CF Kits in Europe / Paul G. Debenham

The FDA and DNA Diagnostic Kits / Thomas Tsakeris

Impact of FDA Actions on Diagnostic Testing / Thomas J. White


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