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Molecular Genetics and Biology of Alcoholism, 1989-10-10 - 1989-10-13


Scope and Contents

Molecular Genetics and Biology of Alcoholism meeting reviewed the data on the inheritance of alcoholism and attempted to evaluate future strategies. Most common disorders do not have a simple pattern of inheritance and probably result from interactions between the environment and one or more of a number of genes. Alcoholism is a classic example of such a complex disease.


  • Creation: 1989-10-10 - 1989-10-13


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Language of Materials

From the Collection: English

Section 1: Genetic and Environmental Contributions to Risk of Alcoholism

Inheritance of Alcohol Consumption Patterns in the Australian Twin Survey, 1981 / Andrew C. Heath, Joanne M. Meyer, and Nicholas G. Martin
Twin Studies of Alcohol Consumption, Metabolism, and Sensitivity / Nicholas G. Martin
Use of the Adoption Paradigm to Elucidate the Role of Genes and Environment and Their Interaction in the Genesis of Alcoholism / Remi J. Cadoret and Robert B. Wesner
Vulnerability to Alcoholism: From Individual Differences to Different Individuals / Ralph E. Tarter
Time-dependant Model of the Familial Transmission of Alcoholism / Theodore Reich and C. Robert Cloninger
Behavior/Social Factors That May Enhance or Attenuate Genetic Effects / Victor Hesselbrock and Michie Hesselbrock
Methodological Limitations of Research on the Genetics of Alcoholism / John S. Searles
Genetic Epidemiology of Alcoholism: Observations Critical in the Design and Analysis of Linkage Studies / C. Robert Cloninger

Section 2: Neurobiological Markers of Risk for Alcoholism

Individuals at Risk for Alcoholism: Neurophysiologic Processes / Bernice Porjesz and Henri Begleiter
Alcoholic Fathers and Their Sons: Neuropsychological, Electrophysiological, Personality, and Family Correlates / Ernest P. Noble
Alcohol Effect on the Electroencephalogram: Are There Possibilities for Application of Molecular Genetics? / Peter Propping
A Prospective Study of Children and Alcoholics / Marc Alan Schuckit
Two Biological Markers of Alcoholism / Boris Tabakoff, James P. Whelan, and Paula L. Hoffman
Open Discussion
Comments: The NIAAA Consortium on the Genetics of Alcoholism / Enoch Gordis

Section 3: Animal Models and Candidate Genes for Alcoholism

Genetic Animal Models for the Study of Alcoholism / Ting-Kai Li
Candidate Genes and Favored Loci for Alcoholism / Christopher Charles Holland Cook and Hugh Malcolm Douglas Gurling
Genetic Variation in Serotonin and ALDH Underlying Alcoholism / David Goldman and Roberta Haber
Human Aldehyde Dehydrogenases: Genetic Implications in Alcohol Sensitivity, Alcohol-drinking Habits, and Alcoholism / Dharam P. Agarwal and H. Werner Goedde
Acquired and Genetic Deficiencies of Cytosolic Acetaldehyde Dehydrogenase / Timothy J. Peters, Andrew J.S. Macpherson, Roberta J. Ward, and Akira Yoshida
Open Discussion

Section 4: Genetic Linkage Analysis in Alcoholism- Obstacles, Opportunities, and Consequences

Genetic Approaches to the Dissection of Complex Diseases / Aravinda Chakravarti and Eric S. Lander
Linkage Analysis of Alcoholism: Problems and Solutions / Ellen M. Wijsman
Genetic Linkage Analysis under Uncertain Disease Definition / Jurg Ott
Brewing Genes and Behavior: The Potential Consequences of Genetic Screening for Alcoholism / Paul R. Billings
Open Discussion
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