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The Control of HIV Gene Expression, 1988-02-28 - 1988-03-02


Scope and Contents

Research on the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the causative agent of AIDS, has shown that complex interactions between virus and host-cell factors govern expression of HIV genes. Controversial data have been accumulating about these interactionsAt this meeting relevant parties met and an attempt was made to untangle the confusion of the names of the HIV genes. This came to fruition later in the year with the publication in Nature of a proposal for a standardized nomenclature.


  • Creation: 1988-02-28 - 1988-03-02


Conditions Governing Access

Tapes have been digitized and are available for research in person at CSHL Archives.


10 Cassettes : Tape 1 Side 1 [00:46:14] Tape 1 Side 2 [00:46:16]; Tape 2 Side 1 [00:47:57] Tape 2 Side 2 [00:44:51]; Tape 3 Side 1 [00:47:25] Tape 3 Side 2 [00:47:22]; Tape 4 Side 1 [00:47:08] Tape 4 Side 2 [00:47:08]; Tape 5 Side 1 [00:45:20] Tape 5 Side 2 [00:45:20]; Tape 6 Side 1 [00:47:38] Tape 6 Side 2 [00:47:39]; Tape 7 Side 1 [00:47:26] Tape 7 Side 2 [00:47:28]; Tape 8 Side 1 [00:46:04] Tape 8 Side 2 [00:41:09]; Tape 9 Side 1 [00:46:08] Tape 9 Side 2 [00:46:05]; Tape 10 Side 1 [00:45:57] Tape 10 Side 2 [00:28:34]

Language of Materials

From the Collection: English

Session 1: HIV- Viral Transacting Elements

Mutagenesis of the Tat and Trs Genes of an Infectious HIV Genome / Flossie Wong-Staal

HIV Regulation by Viral Transactivators / George N. Pavlakis

Regulation of HIV Gene Epression by the Art Protein / Craig A. Rosen

Properties of Tat and B (3'orf) Mutants of HIV / Malcolm Martin

Regulation of HIV Gene Expression by the HIV-1 Tat Gene Product / Daniel Capon

HIV "Tat" Gene Function / Bryan R. Cullen

HIV-1 Activation and Transactivation by the TAT Gene Product / Boris Matija Peterlin

The Use of Adenovirus Vectors to Analyze HIV Gene Expression / Andrew P. Rice

HIV Transactivation Phenomenon and Protease Function / Martin Rosenberg

HIV-2 Tat / Michael Emerman

Eric Holland

Presentation and Summary of Session / William Haseltine

Session 2: Cellular Factors Involved in Retroviral Gene Expression

Activation of NF-kB / Patrick A. Baeuerle

Study of Cellular Proteins that Interact with the HIV Long-terminal Repeat / Robert Franza

Fos and Gene Regulation / Thomas Curran

HIV-1 and T Cell Activation / Warner C. Greene

Analysis of the Cellular Transcription Complex at the HIV Promoters / Katherine A. Jones

Characterization of HIV-1 Enhancer Binding Proteins / Michael A. Norcross

Eukaryotic Transcription Factors and Mechanisms / Robert G. Roeder

Jim Kadonaga

Signals for the Expression of the HIV Pol Gene by Ribosomal Frameshifting / Harold E. Varmus

Herpesvirus Transactivation - Role of TatIII in RNA Stability / Joseph D. Mosca

Molecular Mechanism of Regulation of HTLV-1 Gene Expression / Mitsuaki Yoshida

Session 3: Regulation of Gene Expression in Related Retroviruses

Pathogenesis of HTLV/HIV / Irvin S.Y. Chen

HTLV-1 Gene Regulation / John Brady

Regulation of Viral and Cellular Promoters by the Transcriptional Activator of HTLV-1 / Barbara Felber

Transactivation of Visa Virus: A Neurotropic Lenti-virus of Sheep / Janice E. Clements

Meeting Summary / Flossie Wong-Staal

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