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Quantitative Mammalian Cell Mutagenesis and Mutagen Screening, 1979-05-06 - 1979-05-08


Scope and Contents

The conference heard new evidence concerning such mammalian cell systems as the hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase (HGPRT) locus in Chinese hamster ovaries (CHO) and the thymidine kinase (TK)locus in mouse lymphoma cells, which revealed that mutations can be experimentally induced and quantitatively analyzed. Unresolved questions were also explored, such as the actual range of mutational events being assayed and whether the events in cell culture reflect the cellular responses in intact animals and humans. Although the conference participants wrestled with a host of questions about means of activating cell systems for screening environmental mutagens, there was conviction that the systems have proved themselves workable, as evidenced by wide use in industrial toxicology and screening programs. The conference brought together leading developers of animal and human cell systems, geneticists using such systems for fundamental biological studies, and participants in industrial and government screening programs. Leading the organization of the meeting were Abraham Hsie and J. Patrick O'Neill of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


  • Creation: 1979-05-06 - 1979-05-08


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16 Cassettes : Tape 1 Side 1: [0:47:21] Tape 1 Side 2: [0:47:20]; Tape 2: [0:30:56]; Tape 3: [0:30:57]; Tape 4: [0:31:16]; Tape 5 Side 1: [0:31:35] Tape 5 Side 2: [0:30:01]; Tape 6 Side 1: [0:29:23] Tape 6 Side 2: [0:26:16]; Tape 7 Side 1: [0:31:39] Tape 7 Side 2: [0:27:46]; Tape 8 Side 1: [0:30:36] Tape 8 Side 2: [0:28:12]; Tape 9 Side 1: [0:28:44] Tape 9 Side 2: [0:26:28]; Tape 10 Side 1: [0:30:54] Tape 10 Side 2: [0:29:51]; Tape 11 Side 1: [0:31:00] Tape 11 Side 2: [0:32:43]; Tape 12 Side 1: [0:30:01]; Tape 12 Side 2: [0:27:07]; Tape 13: [0:19:08]; Tape 14 Side 1: [0:31:16] Tape 14 Side 2: [0:31:11]; Tape 15 Side 1: [0:31:26] Tape 15 Side 2: [0:31:22]; Tape 16: [0:28:28]

Language of Materials

From the Collection: English

Session 1: Gene Mutation

Historical Perspective on Mutation Studies with Semantic Mammalian Cells / Theodore T. Puck
Studies of Mutation in CHO Cells / Louis Siminovitch
HGPRT Mutants in Chinese Hamster V79 Cells / C. Thomas Caskey, Raymond G. Fenwick, Jr., and Gary D. Kruh
Roundtable: Definition of Criteria to Define a Genetic Event / Richard L. Davidson, Chairperson

Session 2: Quantitative Mutagenesis with Rodent Cells

The CHO/HGPRT Mutation Assay: Experimental Procedure / J. Patrick O'Neill and Abraham W. Hsie
The L5178Y/TK +/- Mutagen Assay System: In Situ Results / Martha M. Moore-Brown and Donald Clive
The Use of Chinese Hamster V79 Cells for the Detection of Mutagens and Tumor Promoters or Antipromoters / Chia-cheng Chang, James E. Trosko, Larry P. Yotti, and Roger A. Schultz
Roundtable: Quantitative Mutational Systems - Evidence for Genetic Events / Lawrence A. Chasin, Chairperson

Session 3: Criteria for a Mutagen Screening System

Use of Isolated Rodent Hepatocytes to Evaluate Potential Premutagens and Precarcinogens / Daniel A. Casciano
Criteria for a Mammalian Mutagen Screening System in Regulatory Science / June A. Bradlaw
Practical Considerations in the Use of Mammalian Cell Mutagenesis Assays in Screening for Potential Mutagens/Carcinogens / Byron E. Butterworth
Mammalian Cell Mutagenesis in a Mutagen Screening Program / Errol Zeiger
Selection of Tests for Mutagenicity Screens / Larry D. Kier
Regulatory Research Involving Mutagenicity Testing / Michael D. Waters
Short-Term Predictive Tests / David F. Krahn

Session 4: Genetic, Biochemical, and Molecular Analysis of Mutation

Genetic, Biochemical, and Molecular Analysis of Mutation - An Introduction / Paul O. P. Ts'o
Selection Methods for Membrane Transport Mutants / Edward A. Adelberg and Anne H. Dantzig
Analysis of Temperature-sensative Mutants and Quantitative Assay of Purine-analog Resistance in CHO Cells / Larry H. Thompson
Selection of Recessive Mutants at Diploid Loci by Titration of the Gene Product: CHO Cell Mutants Deficient in Dihydrofolate Reductase Activity / Lawrence A. Chasin and Gail Urlaub
An Analysis of Mutation at the Adenine Phosphoribosyl Transferase Locus / Milton W. Taylor, Howard V. Hershey, and Anne E. Simon
Mechanisms of Resistance to Thymidine Analogs in Mammalian Cells / Elliot R. Kaufman and Richard L. Davidson
Nature and Use of Ouabain-Resistant Mutants / Raymond M. Baker

Session 5: Use of Mutagen Screening Systems

Utilization of the CHO/HGPRT System: Metabolic Activation and Method for Testing Gases / David F. Krahn
Statistical Evaluation of Mutagenicity in the CHO/HGPRT System / Joseph D. Irr and Ronald D. Snee
Utility of the Mouse Lymphoma L5178Y/TK Assay for the Detection of Chemical Mutagens / David E. Amacher, Simone C. Paillet, and Gail N. Turner
Choice of Activating Systems for In Vitro Mutagenesis Assays / John G. Dent
The Influence of Activation Systems on the Metabolism of 2,4-Dinitrotoluene and Its Mutagenicity to CHO Cells / David B. Couch, Edilberto Bermudez, Gary M. Decad, and John G. Dent
CHO/HGPRT Mutation Assay: Adaptation for Mutagen Screening / J. Patrick O'Neill and Abraham W. Hsie
Roundtable: Identifying Activation Systems / Errol Zeiger, Chairperson

Session 6: Quantitative Mutagenesis of Human Cells

Suggestions for Increasing the Scope of Direct Testing for Mutagens and Carcinogens in Intact Humans and Animals / Robert DeMars
Study of Mutagenesis in Diploid Human Lymphoblasts / William G. THilly
Comparing the Frequency of Mutations Induced in Strains of Diploid Human Fibroblasts with Different Capacities for DNA Repair / Veronica M. Maher and J. Justin McCormick
Direct Mutagenicity Testing with Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes / Richard J. Albertini
Roundtable: Genetic Basis of Mutation in Human Cell Systems / Donald Clive, Chairperson

Session 7: Mutation, Cancer and Progress with Mutagen Testing

Current Progress in the Study of Basic Mechanisms of Neoplastic Transformation / Paul O. P. Ts'o
The CHO/HGPRT Mutation Assay: Progress with Quantitative Mutagenesis and Mutagen Screening / Abraham W. Hsie, J. Patrick O'Neill, Juan R. San Sebastian, and Patricia A. Brimer
The L5178Y/TK +/- Mutagen Assay System: Mutant Analysis / Donald Clive and Martha M. Moore-Brown
Evaluation of Rapid Screening Methods That Detect Carcinogens and Mutagens: Collation and Comparison of Test Results / Monica C. Hollstein
The Gene-Tox Program / Michael D. Waters

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