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Jonathan Karn: Personal Memories of Sydney Brenner

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Identifier: 2022-05

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A scan of the lambda "walking" document and notes sent to Errol about his manuscript in 2009. These notes contain a number of anecdotes about Sydney that didn't make it into the book and might be of interest to people studying Sydney's life.

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Sent to Mila Pollock by Jonathan Karn by email, 03/27/2022.

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  • Creation: 1976, 2009


1.573 Megabytes : Saved to G: (filepath: G: > LIBRARY > Archives > Mary > Collections > Brenner > Karn_Jonathan_Accession) on 03/28/2022. Saved to dedicated USB drive on 03/28/2022 and stored on shelf at end of Brenner collection.


Two PDF files: Di470_0901121002.PDF Di470_0901121009.PDF Seven Word documents: Errol 4.docx Errol Friedberg 6-Jan-09.docx Errol Friedberg Part 2 6-Jan-09.docx Errol Friedberg Part 3 7-Jan-09.docx Errol Friedberg Part 4 8-Jan-09.docx Errol Friedberg Part 5 9-Jan-09.docx Errol Friedberg Part 6 12-Jan-09.docx