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Elof Carlson Material sent by Indiana University PhD Student

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Identifier: 2020-13

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Correspondence, clippings, notebooks, laboratory notebooks, manuscripts, publications, reprints, lectures, student laboratory notebooks

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  • Creation: 1953 - 2015


14 boxes (1 linear foot) (14 banker boxes)


Student Lab book Sep-85 Leanne Mary Molia Phy 251 Student Lab book Oct-76 Paul Bizzigotti student Lab book 1984 Pete Thompson student Lab book Dec 1974-April 1975 Craig Rosenberg The Strandedness Exp't Student Lab book July 1981-May 1982 Mary Ellen Russell Student Lab book Oct 1972- March 1973 Erik Lieber student Lab book Oct 1972-Feb 1973 Alfred Handler student Lab book 1978 Scott Stein Work on Eye Color Mutants and Wing Mutants Lab notebook 1975 Experimental Design Humpy Mutagenesis Lab notebook 1975 Lab Gab Lecture notes 1975 Molecular Biology of Genetic Diseases Note book Notes on articles read Lab Book Dec 1974-May 1976 Lab Book Feb 1975-Dec 1975 Non Disjunction and E.M.S. Lab Book 1978 Apr-78 Lab Book 1982 June - October 1982 Lab Book 1984-1986 October 1984 - March 1986 Lab Book 1985 January-May 1985 Lab Book 1985 Accounts (1958 NRC) lab notes July 1985 Lab Book 1961/1985 1961 tabulated results, July 1985 experiment Lab Book 1985-1968 July 1985-August 1986 Correspondence 1958-1961 Gene Fox correspondence 1958-1964 Art Chovnick correspondence 1959 R. R. Race Blood group research Lister Institute correspondence 1962 Dr Aloha Hannah-Alava + manuscript Interaction of Inte-genic Loci in Expression of the Extra-sexcomb Phenotype in D. melanogaster correspondence 1961-1964 Jack Lester King correspondence 1958-1960 C. Auerbach (Lotte) correspondence 1961-1962 Alan Anderson correspondence 1964 Carol Bart correspondence 1959-1960 Burke Judd correspondence 1958-1960 Harvey Bender correspondence 1961-1964 Dr. Dan Lindsley Oak Ridge National Lab, Union Carbide correspondence 1961 Joeeph Lucas correspondence 1963 Dr. C. Matthews, Edinburgh correspondence 1957-1963 Sam Fillenbaum correspondence 1960-1963 Shanta Iyengar correspondence 1957 Recruitment letter and follow up from UC Berkley correspondence 1957-1958 Univ. of Glasgow re D. melanogastor correspondence 1961 Ralph Creger, re "This Is What We Found" book correspondence 1958-1962 Dr. Mel Green correspondence 1958-1962 Phillip Hartmann correspondence 1958 William Hexter correspondence 1958-1959 Dr. James Crow correspondence 1958-1961 Dr William Welshons Oak Ridge National Laboratory correspondence 1958-1962 Dr Abe Schalet correspondence 1957-1961 Katherine Brehme Warren correspondence 1960-1961 Mikio Kato correspondence 1958-1966 Irwin I. Oster includes manuscript by Yoriaki Matudaria & Oster correspondence 1958-1960 Application and follow up to UCLA correspondence 1956-1959 Dr. Demerec correspondence 1957-1964 Dr. E. B. Lewis (Ed) correspondence 1953-1960 Morris Gabriel Cohen correspondence 1959-1981 John Southin? correspondence 1953-1960 Arnold ? (Arnie) Correspondence 1963 Ken Allen Correspondence 1960 Dick Siegel Correspondence 1958-1961 Steve Taub Correspondence 1962 & 1992 Richard Whittaker correspondence Ed Novitski mosaicism Correspondence Miscellaneous Correspondence Miscellaneous correspondence subscriptions and publishers Roland Carlson correspondence and miscellaneous Roland Carlson Drawings of Geneticists Portraits 45 Portraits The Apprentice magazine 1953 Essay: The voice in the wilderness Helen Carlson Poetry, holiday seals, manuscript: Beyond Heroism: Mysticism in the poetry of Theodore Roethke Colorado Springs 1975 Recap of 3 deaths in 3 weeks, Helen Carlson, Roland Carlson, Morris Gabriel Cohen Eulogy 1975 Morris Gabriel Cohen Eulogy 1992 Evelyn Hawking (Billie) Professor J. T. Patterson 1961 Obituary Sir Julian Huxley A tribute Amanda Marie Carlson 1964 Birth and death Axel Elof Carlson 1960 Nursing home correspondence Nedra Carlson Genealogy Carlson and Hobbs Family genealogy Personel Lecture notes 1953 Cytology Personel Lecture notes 1954 History of Chemistry Personel Lecture notes 1954 Genetics of Micro-organisms Personel Lecture notes 1954 Developmental Anatomy Research Project 1955 Proposal - The Genetic behaviourif a gene nest in D. melanogaster Progress report Fall 1955 Report - A further analysis of allelism in the dumpy series of D. melanogaster Notes and news Relocation of the mutant rotund in the third chromosome Gregor Mendel 1866-1966 Pflanzen Hybriden (in German), memorial lecture by D. G. Catcheside 1966 D. melanogaster undated Dumpy Data D. melanogaster undated Dumpy Data D. melanogaster undated Productivity experiments PhD Transcript 1958 Allelism, Complimentarity and Pseudoallelism at the dumpy locus in D. melanogaster PhD Thesis undated Allelism, pseudoallelism and complimentarity at the dumpy locus in D. melanogaster PhD Committee 1953-1957 Correspondence D. melanogaster papers NOT by Carlson 1937-1966 A. H. Sturtevant 1939-1946 3 papers, S. Benzer 1967, C. C. Tan & D. F. Paulson 1937, C. P. Oliver 1940, E. B. Lewis 1940, J. Southin 1966 Paper, Carlson, Muller & Meyer undated Further information concerning the multi-locus nature of the dumpy series in Drosophila Papers Carlson and Southin 1962-1963 Somatic and Gonadal mosaicism in D. melanogaster The effect of chemically induced mosaicism on the F2 and F3 sex linked lethal ratio during spermatogenesis in D. melanogaster Chemically induced somatic and gonadal mosaicism in D. melanogaster, sex linked lethals Comparison of micromaps obtained by direct and indirect methods of recombination in the dumpy region of D. melanogaster Comparative mutagenesis of the dumpy locus in D. melanogaster, x-ray treatment of mature sperm11 Papers Carlson and Southin 1959 Preliminary reports D. melanogaster Papers Carlson and Frye undated Pilot experiments involving x-ray induced mutants in the dumpy and yellow regions of scute-19i chromosomes in D. melanogaster Papers Carlson and Oster undated Chemical mutagen induced mosaicism at the dumpy locus Compatative mutagenesis at th dumpy locus in D. melanogaster ( including research results) Paper Carlson, Sederoff and Cogan 1967 Evidence favoring a frame shift mechanism for ICR 170 induces mutations in D. melanogaster Paper Carlson, Muller and Schalet 1960 Mutation by alteration of the already existing gene Paper Carlson and Shermeon undated Genetic analysis of the Strandedness of the mature sperm chromosome in D. melanogaster Paper Carlson, Grace and Goodman 1968 D. melanogaster treated with LSD: Absence of mutation and chromosome breakage Papers Carlson 1958 Some problems involving the Cis-trans effect in Drosophila 1958 Variegated position effect at the dumpy locus in D. melanogaster Papers Carlson 1963 A method of calculating the maximum number of mutational events in D. melanogaster 1961 Limitations of the geometrical models for complementation mapping of the allelic series 1958 The bearing of a complex-locus in Drosophila on the interpretation of the Rh series 1959 Allelism, Complimentation and Pseudoallelism at the dumpy locus in D. melanogaster 1959 Comparative Genetics of complex loci Hermann J. Muller 1939-1967 Articles by and Obituary Notebook undated Keysort index - HJM biography Hermann J. Muller 2000 National Academy of Science biographical memoir by Carlson Hermann J. Muller undated Beginnings - paper regarding Muller's heritage Eugenics Carlson Papers on Muller 1987 Eugenics and Basic Genetics in H. J. Muller's approach to human genetics 1971 An unacknowledged founding of molecular biology: H. J. Muller's contribution to Gene Theory 1910-1936 Eugenics papers by Carlson 1973 Eugenics revisited: The case for germinal choice undated Who's afraid of the big bad Eugenics 1994 Basic issues on Eugenics J. B. S. Haldane paper undated Biological possibilities for the human species in the next ten thousand years Carlson paper on Muller and Haldane undated The parallel lives of J. H. Muller and J. B. S. Haldane - Geneticists, Eugenists and Futurists Paper drafts 1958 various, some unpublished Carlson Paper 1975 The Drosophila Group UCLA undated Taped Lectures UCLA undated Taped Lectures UCLA undated Taped Lectures Book 1964 The Gene: A critical history first typescript with corrections (chapter 13 to end) Book 1964 The Gene: A critical history Original plan/concept, application for sabbatical, first typescript with corrections ( chapter 1-12) UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Human Evolution lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 The origin of life lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Molecular disease lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Protein synthesis lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 The Genetic Code lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 The Watson-Crick model of DNA lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Origins of Molecular Biology lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Growth, Differentiation, Morphogenesis and Experimental Embryology lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Preformation vs Epigenesis lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Heredity, Environment and Character trait lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Sex linkage and recombination lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Mendelism and Morganism lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Origin of Genetics lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Nondisjunction and Aneuploidy lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Meiosis and sex cells lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Cell division: Mitosis lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Cell structure and function lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Origins of Cell Theory lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Man's Biological Dilemma lecture notes UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Outline and letter to students UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Notes for Biology 2A TV lectures UCLA Bio 2A 1967 Final Exam June 1967 UCLA Bio 1A and 1B 1965 Outline UCLA National Science Foundation Grants 1960-62 Structural and developmental analysis of induced and spontaneous mutations at the dumpy locus 1966 Mosaicism, mutagenesis and gene structure in D. melanogaster Article by Carlson 1968 A decade of progress in modern Genetics Paper by Carlson undated The ever increasing importance of Genetics to medicine and man American Philosophical Society 1965 Commemoration of the publication of Gregor Mendel's pioneer experiments in Genetics Speech at Human Agenda Series, Faculty Lecture Series UCLA 1966 Man's Biological Dilemma speech Newspaper - Rochester Sentinel 1965 UCLA Professor writes book here Paper by Carlson undated The development of Biological Staining Dickenson Series on Contemporary Thought in Biological Science 1967 New for 1967 - Carlson Gene Theory Whittaker - Cell Differentiation Queens University, Kingston, Ontario 1958-1960 Course outlines, reading list, exam papers Queens University, Kingston, Ontario 1958-1960 Correspondence Newspaper artlcles 1958-1960 Queens Journal, Kingston Whig Standard Theodore W. Torrey paper 1949 Zoology and its makers at Indiana University A. H. Sturtevant paper 1959 Thomas Hunt Morgan 1866-1945: A biographical memoir C. D. Darlington 1958 The control of evolution in man Alfred C. Kinsey book 1936 The origin of higher categories in Cynips MISCELLANEOUS The Cubicle 1989-1996 Extra copies The Cubicle 1989- 1996 Extra copies The Cubicle 1989-1996 The Cubicle undated Articles for The Cubicle Semester at sea 1992 1 act play by Carlson Evolution on trial: A play based on the Scopes Evolution Trial in Dayton (Rhea County) Tennessee July 1925 Semester at sea 1992 Voyage of Discovery: Semester at Sea, Medical around world: AIDS etc Stony Brook paper undated Who can straighten out what he has made crooked? A meditation on science, sympathy and acceptance Stony Brook paper undated On being a master learner: An academic fantasy fulfilled Parents Day 1984 Reference cards The new Genetics and what it means Danforth Foundation 1972 Perfect Teacher' named one of twelve nationally outstandinf college teachers by Danforth Foundation Danforth correspondence, newpaper article Gifted teaching - The E. Harris Harbison Award Danforth Conference on Liberal Arts and Values 1975 The Pervasiveness of Life Sciences in our daily lives Elihu Speaks 1998 One act play, an opera in two acts The Good Teacher 1995 Living the Liberal Arts The Good Teacher 1999 Reflections on an academic life The Good Teacher undated Life, the Liberal Arts, and the classroom Honors College Reception 1991 Speech Open House Address 1991 The Uses and Pleasures of Knowledge The Honors College undated The Honors College at Stony Brook, The Honors College, Ideas for an Honors Program Honors College at the University of Stony Brook undated Five year evaluation 1989-1994, Carlson self evaluation of teaching The Honors College 1993 A State of the Honors College Report from its master The Honors College undated Conventional and Idiosyncratic gifted honors students Carlson paper undated In praise of scholarship Carlson paper undated Of what use is an Honors College Carlson paper undated Citizen Bee Welcome Carlson paper undated A Liberal Education: How to get it Carlson paper undated Teaching and the Liberal Arts Carlson paper undated The Biology of the human condition: A model for reforming the teaching of Life Sciences Carlson paper undated Evolution and Natural Selection Carlson paper undated Science and the Liberal Arts Carlson paper undated My Beginnings - A useful course for honors students Short autobiographical talks Carlson paper 1995 Ideas that matter, outline Stony Brook Honors 1995 Newsletter and floppy disc Stony Brook Honors 1996 Fourth annual Convocation flyer, Letting go presentation by Carlson Honors 351 Scholarly Book Writing 1993-1994 New course proposal, course syllabus, books I have written, the tools of writing 1995 The Unfit: From the sins of Onan to the smoke of Auschwitz - paper Honors 104/204 1998 Class list and demographic profiles, Soiree grades Honors 103/203 1992-1993 Soiree schedule, family history analysis, obtaining a family history, family history: Carlson, Angela Wang: Reaction paper to My Beginnings soirees Honors 102 Progress and its discontents: the 20th century 1993-1994 Course schedule, The Atomic Age, Notes on Freud, final exam Honors 101 1992 Jonathan Berkowitz (student): Exam book, Gilman's True Brilliance, My Liberal Education 1994 On reading Goethe's Faust Bio 101/102 1996 101 Demographic profile, 102 Comics (undated) Exam questions undated Carlson paper undated Undergraduate teaching of Elof Carlson Newspaper Article undated Special Faculty Commentary: Why do we do this to one another Carlson Draft book 1986 The Unfit, draft with corrections Record Book 1984 Thoughts and notes on many subjects Molecules, Genes and Cells 2000 Course outline Carlson Retirement 2001 Program for retirement dinner and concert Stony Brook 1999 Certificate of Appreciation 2013 John S. Toll Heritage Society Scroll of Honor UUCB 2015 How will retirees live with 25 years of retirement? Life Lines 1995, 1998, 2008 Articles Notebook undated Life Lines prep and notes Darwin Seminar 2007 Darwin, used, abused, and necessary Flyer, prep cards, seminar paper Bejing paper 2005 The chromosome theory of heredity as a model for science by incrementation Carlson photos 2000 studio photo series Carlson's books reviewed 1966 The Gene: A critical history 1981 Genes, Radiation and Society: The life and works of H. J. Muller 2004 Mendel's Legacy: The origin of classical genetics 2001 The Unfit Article 2002 Color Perception: An ongoing convergence of Reductionism and Phemomenology Museum of Natural History: Chautauqua Short Course 1997 Syllabus Alzheimers Disease Symposium 1996 3rd International Symposium, New Horizons, Presymtomatic screening and Alzheimer Syndrome Phi Beta Kappa 1994 Inducted as honorary member Who's Who 1993-1995 Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the East Essay 1993 Evolution today Interview by Greg Sevian 1992 1st draft Letter to The New Republic 1992 The end of equality Article 1992 Human imperfection: Unresolved responses Association of American Colleges Asheville, N. Carolina 1992 Connecting Science and The Liberal Arts Lilly Endowment Workshop for the Liberal Arts 1992 What is Teaching? Five approaches based on the classroom experience 1992 Academics on Academic Life: A dialogue between two generations Article 1991 Defining the Gene: An evolutionary concept China 1987 Journal Article 1984 A model Introductory Course for the Life Sciences Article Bioscience 1980 R. L. Dugdale and the Jukes family: A historical injustice corrected Paper by Lucile F. Newman 1979 Ophelia's Herbal A Learning Community in Social and Ethical Issues in the Life Sciences 1979 Federated Learning Communities, Course description and booklet Article 1978 The Mean and the Well Meaning: Malthus and Social Policy Airlie House Conference 1976 Letter of appreciation, drafta nd final copy of presentation Article: Journal of College Science Teaching 1973 Biology: A Humanities approach, Opinion Agent Orange 2007 NY Times article, notebook with planning notes, start of paper/book, floppy disc Agent Orange International Symposium on herbicides in the Vietnam War 1983 Biological effects of Phenoxyherbicided in Drosophila melanogaster Commentary: International Symposium on herbicides in the Vietnam War: An Appraisal International Symposium on herbicides in the Vietnam War: A personal appraisal Articles The Future undated The future of human genetics, How far can science predict into the future Paper undated The Public lecture Papers undated What I have learned in thirty years of teaching, An ever-evolving model of academic life Tougaloo 1987 Teaching my heart out at Tougaloo Morbidity among three generations of Tougaloo kindreds The curious case of trhe missing Buddha undated copies of reference cards Poetry undated In praise of the seas Essay undated A feminist critique of the spiritual tradition in modern geology Autobiographical undated Chapter 1 my father….., Life, Death and Purpose, My Beginnings - reference cards, My Life: A short autobiographical sketch prepared for my children Carlson undated CV, Biographical sketch, Administrative resume Newspaper clippings 1959 Engagement announcement, wedding report New York University 1952 Scholarship award letter, report card Thomas Jefferson High School undated drawing of hand, Bio-med news 1947 Poem by Wallace Forman 1949 Class of 1949 Commencement, Christopher Columbus scholarship award, University scholarship award card 1950 Class of 1950 Commencement 1964 Successful Alumni letter and response Junior High, East New York/John Marshall 1946 Red and white school magazine, graduation exercises 1958 Letter of appreciation from Carlson and reply Reference cards undated Thomas Hunt Morgan research Carlson Progress Report 1972 Family newsletter Personal mixed Postcards, mail from family and friends, Mud Road house flyer Quarterly Review of Biology 1991 P. 365 Review of Genes, Brain and Behaviour edited by McHugh and McKusick Quarterly Review of Biology 1993 Various articles NOT by Carlson Quarterly Review of Biology 1997 P. 441 Idiosyncratic science and societal response Quarterly Review of Biology 2000 P. 298 Where is the new Biology taking us? Quarterly Review of Biology 1989 P. 319 Commentary: Paradigms and the history of Human Genetics Jump Starter