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Dr. Mark Ptashne Collection, 1967-2002

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: MSP-2018-001

Content Description

The materials consist largely of correspondence (both original and photocopies) between Dr. Mark Ptashne (Harvard/Memorial Sloan Kettering) and Dr. George Klein, (Karolinska Institute), a renowned Hungarian–Swedish microbiologist, philosopher, author and scientist between 1967-2002. The two formed a very close relationship through extensive correspondence and mutual visits. The subject of their correspondence range from deep philosophical discussions (Nietzsche), a shared love of art, music and science, their shared Jewish roots, books, the Holocaust ( Klein was a survivor), and their deepest thoughts on human relationships. Klein was known to share the contents of his interactions with others to close friends so there is duplication of correspondence contents between correspondents. The list of names within this collection includes Charles M. Fair, an American neuroscientist and writer, as well as David Baltimore, Robert Gallo, Kary Mullis, Benno Müller-Hill, and Robin Weiss among others. The topics discussed range from scientific ethics, the HIV/AIDS argument, the Daniel Carleton Gajdusek controversy, and the nitty gritty of scientific research. In 1998, Mark Ptashne requested copies of their exchanges, which some were already placed in the Royal Archives. Copies were received later that year and are included in this collection.

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Dr. Mark Ptashne

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  • Creation: 1967-2002


359 letters between Mark Ptashne, George Klein, Charles Fair and others 1967-2002