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Dr. Barbara McClintock Collection - Marjorie Bhavnani Gift 2017

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Identifier: 2017-07-31-CSHLA.5

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Gift from Barbara McClintock's niece Marjorie Bhavnani of materials held by family, 2017.

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Mrs. Marjorie Bhavnani

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Medals/Awards 1. Kimber Genetics Award (replica), 1967 2. National Medal of Science (replica), with accompanying materials, May 1971: Marcus Rhoades Submission to Committee on behalf of Barbara McClintock for National Medal of Science; Announcement of 1970 winners; Letter of W.D. McElroy, director; Invitation of President Nixon to reception at White House with accompanying instructions; National Medal of Science Lapel Pin 3. Lewis S. Rosenstiel Award for Distinguished Work in Basic Medical Research, awarded to Barbara MClintock by Brandeis University, 1978 4. Genetics Society of America, 1981 5. 1981 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award (original) and accompanying material, 1981 6. University of Georgia Award, 1985 7. Faculte des Sciences Agronomiques de l’Etat Award, 1985 8. National Library of Medicine Medal, 1986 9. University of California at San Francisco Anniversary Medal, 1990 10. Wolf Foundation Lapel pin and booklet, 1981 11. Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame Award and induction materials, 2008 Audio/Visual 1. Three Audio cassette recordings of an interview by Dr. Lydia Bronte (narrator) with Dr. Barbara for the book “The Longevity Factor: The New Reality of Long Careers and How It Can Lead to Richer Lives”, January 8, 1990 2. VHS Tape, TV Video from Sveriges Television AB, December 1983 3. IMG Educators, “Barbara McClintock: Pioneer of Modern Genetics” September 14, 1989 a. VHS tape and accompanying materials b. Copies of student and teacher materials Books 1. Mears, Eliot G. , James Ladd Delkin, Pacific Ocean Handbook, Stanford University Press, 1944 (signed by Barbara McClintock) 2. Zim, Herbert. S, Shaffer, Paul R. Rocks and Minerals, Golden Press, New York, 1957 (stamped Barbara McClintock) 3. Fichter, George s. Insect Pests, Golden Press, New York, 1966 (also Handwritten Note by Dr. McClintock. (stamped Barbara McClintock) 4. Levi, Herbert W., Levi, Lorna R., Spiders, Golden Press, New York, 1968 (stamped Barbara McClintock) 5. Abbott, R. Tucker, Seashells of North America, Golden Press, 1968 (signed) 6. Burton, Nathaniel Lord, Brown, Hon. Addison, An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States and Canada, Vol. 1, Dover Publications, Inc. New York, 1970 (signed by Barbara McClintock) a. Volume II (signed) b. Volume III (signed) 7. Adams, George F., Wyckoff, Jerome, Landforms, 1971 (stamped Barbara McClintock) 8. Morton, Julia F., Exotic Plants, Golden Press, New York, 1971 (signed by Barbara McClintock) 9. Faust, Joan Lee, Book of House Plants, Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Company, 1973 10. Complete Guide to Plants and Flowers, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1974 (stamped Barbara McClintock) 11. Duncan, Wilbur H., Foote, Leonard E. Wildflowers of the Southeastern United States, University of George Press, 1975 with accompanying materials 12. Schaefer, Vincent J., Day, John A., A Field Guide to the Atmosphere, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1981 (stamped Barbara McClintock) 13. Les Prix Nobel/The Nobel Prizes, 1983. A Collection of presentations, biographies and lectures. Almqvist & Wiksell International, Stockholm, Sweden, 1983. 14. Duncan, Wilbur H., Duncan, Marion B., Trees of the Southeastern United States, University of George Press, 1988 (stamped Barbara McClintock) Memorabilia 1. Shoebox containing a pair of Dr. McClintock’s shoes, her rubbers, a pair of reading glasses, Publications 1. Booklet of McClintock Laboratory dedication, CSHL, October 3, 1993 (3 programs) 2. Barbara McClintock 100th Birthday Celebration, CSHL, July 12, 2002 3. Barbara McClintock, A Celebration, November 17, 1992 4. Susan Cooper, Highlights of 25 Years, 1997 5. Carnegie Institution of Washington Event “Carnegie Evening: Honoring Barbara McClintock” , May 4, 1989 includes a loose-leaf binder and photographs 6. Carnegie Institution of Washington meetings, Baltimore, MD, May 10-11, 1984 7. Carnegie Institution of Washington 92nd Annual Meeting, May 4-5, 1989 9.8. Ephemera 1. Invitation to reception at Swedish Embassy, March 7, 1984 2. Invitation to dinner at the National Academy of Sciences, for national Nobel Laureates Day March 8, 1984 3. USPS Barbara McClintock stamps with accompanying materials including First Day of Issue stamps and ceremony materials, May 4, 2005 4. Howard Green remembrance of Dr. McClintock for the Celebration of her life, November 1992. 5. Two boxes of mounted corn samples, undated. Few of the kernels are dislodged from cob. Correspondence 1. Correspondence from Nobel Foundation on original value of replica, February 5, 1985 2. Letter from Goren Akender (name illegible) in Stockholm regarding Swedish TV Tape of Nobel Ceremony and value of Nobel Prize replica, January 12, 1984. Note: Name Goren Akender is not verified on either Christie’s list or Marjorie Bhavnani’s list. 3. Letter from Goren Akender (name illegible) in Stockholm regarding Swedish TV appearance and photos, January 27, 1981. See # 3. 4. Typed letter from Malcolm Forbes, Chairman & Editor in Chief of Forbes Magazine to Dr. McClintock on quoting her in Forbes Magazine on her award of the Nobel Prize, October 20, 1983 (includes clipping from Forbes, November 7, 1983.) 5. Handwritten letter to “Ma” from “Brud” relating to clippings in “VEGA” Magazine related to “Aunt” Barbara”, October 20, 1983. Clipping from magazine not included. 6. Typed letter with signature from Barbara McClintock to Marjorie Bhavnani in regards to clippings sent from “Brud” to Marjorie Bhavnani, November 4, 1983. 7. Materials including newspaper articles (1981-1986) sent by Malcolm Rider McClintock, May 5, 1986, to his sister Marjorie M. McKinley including photocopy of letter to Lena Cole from Barbara McClintock, April 29, 1955). This was added 7/31/17 to accession form (2017_001_BMC) as sent to CSHL Archives from Ms. Marjorie Bhavnani. List of individual newspaper clippings is added to ”Clippings”. Clippings Collage of newspaper clippings, 1981-1983, various publications. Photocopy. Accessioned 7/31/17. Kolbert, Elizabeth , “Scientific Ideas: Women’s Vs. Men’s. Source Not Listed. Print. Accessioned 7/31/17. “100 Women of the Century” Good Housekeeping Centennial, 1985. Print. Accessioned 7/31/17. “Winners & Losers”. Source not listed. Print. Accessioned 7/31/17. “A Desire to Capture the Beauty of Life Starts Nassau Women on Career of Art” . The Nassau Daily Review-Star (Garden City, NY). Undated. Print. Accessioned 7/31/17. Untitled newspaper clipping. Image Barbara McClintock with Cornell Cytogeneticists. Undated. Print. Accessioned 7/31/17. Byrne, Harlan S. “After the Windfall: How Life Has Changed for “Geniuses” Blessed by No-Strings Grants.” Source not listed. Print. Rossiter, Margaret W. “Wanting a Lab of One’s Own.” The New York Times, Undated. Print. “McClintock Building Dedicated at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.” Carnegie Institution of Washington Newsletter 2:4 (1973). July, 1973. Print. Knight, Michael. “Schmidt Talk at Harvard Supports New Arms Pact.” The New York Times, 8 June, 1979. “Foundation Picks Geneticist as Its First Fellow Laureate.” The New York Times. 18 November, 1981. Print. Teltsch, Kathleen. “Award-Winning Scientist on L.I. Prizes Privacy.” New York Times, 18 November, 1981. Print. Altman, Lawrence K. “Lasker Awards Go to Geneticist and a Lab Head.” The New York Times, 19 November, 1981. Print. “Another Prize.” The Times Union, Rochester. 19 November, 1981. Print Slade, Margot, Eva Hoffman. “Mad’ Scientist Gets Her Due.” The New York Times, 22 November, 1981. Print. “Mary Lasker Lauded at Awards Luncheon.” The Daily News (1981). Print. 20 November, 1981, 11/20/81. “Escaping Strings Not Always Possible.” The Oregonian. 21 November, 1981. Print. “Belated Honors.” Los Angeles Times. 25 November, 1981. Print. “Genetics Pioneer Gets Awards After 30 Years.” Khaleej Times.(Dubai) 26 November, 1981. Print. “Pioneer Geneticist Receives her Due.” The Dallas Morning News. 26 November, 1981. Print. “Jumping Genes.” Time Magazine (1981). pp. 84, 30 November, 1981. Print. Wilcox, Fred. “Everyone Suddenly Pays Honor to a Geneticist Most Persistent.” Cornell Alumni News 84, February 1982. Print. “Five Top Research Awards Given For Work.” Medical World News (1982). 12 April, 1982. Print. “Linking Chromosome Defects with Cancer.” Journal of the American Medical Association 249:8 (1983) pp. 687-689. 11 February, 1983. Print. “Six Honorary Degrees Awarded at Commencement.” NYU Report 9:14 (1983). 9 June, 1983. Print. Schreiber, Le Anne. “Reading and Writing.” The New York Times Book Review. 3 July, 1983. Print. Dixon, Bernard. “Genius among the Chromosomes. Review. A Feeling for the Organism.” New Scientist, 1 September, 1983. Print. Berlin, Michael J., “L.I. Doc Wins Nobel Prize for Medicine”, 10 October, 1983. Fax. Print. Accessioned 7/31/17 Hartford Native Wins Nobel Prize. The News-Times, (Danbury, CT.) 11 October, 1983. Laminated. Print. Accessioned 7/31/17. “McClintock, Barbara”. Current Biography Yearbook 1984, Vol. 45:3 March 1984. Photocopy. Print. Accessioned 7/31/17 Gould, Stephen Jay. “Triumph of a Naturalist." Review. A Feeling for the Organism. The Life and Work of Barbara McClintock.” The New York Review, 29 March, 1984. Print. “Cum Laude”. The New York Times. 5 May, 1984. Print. Accessioned 7/31/17 “Remembering an Era on the Women’s Rights Trail.” Newsday. 23 February, 1986. Print. Comfort, Nathaniel C. “The Belle of Cold Spring Harbor Turns 90.” Harbor Transcript (1992). Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Print. Spradling, Allan. “McClintock Myths. Review. The Dynamic Genome: Barbara McClintock’s Ideas in the Century of Genetics.” Science 259, 9 February, 1993. Print. Lightman, Alan. “Spellbound by the Eternal Riddle, Scientist Revel in their Captivity.” The New York Times, 11 November, 2003. Print.