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Interviews with scientists from Mila's trip to Singapore from Sydney Brenner's 90th Birthday

Identifier: 2017-1-24


Mila gave memory card from video camera to Tom Adams to create DVD of interviews.

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  • 2017-01-13 - 2017-01-14


Interview with Patricia Law Skinner Williams (close friend of Sydney Brenner and wife to Philosopher Bernard Williams) January 13, 2017 [0:24:19] Ilana Crome (friend of Sydney & May's) January 13, 2017 [0:17:58] Robert Baughman (Vice President and CEO of Okinawa Institute of Technology) January 14, 2017 [0:35:05] Terry Sejnowski (Francis Crick Professor at the Salk Institute & HHMI Fellow and Investigator & Professor UCSD) January 14, 2017 "Why were you invited to Sydney Brenner's 90th Birthday when he only invited 30 people" Terry Sejnowski, Tim Cox, Keith Peters [0:8:21]