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Francke , Uta


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Dystrophin, 1989

Scope and Contents Research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy DMD has moved rapidly from analysis of DNA to studies of the function of the protein, named dystrophin, in muscle, brain, and other tissues.This Dystrophin meeting drew together research workers from all over the world to discuss, and in some cases to attempt to reconcile, the latest results. It is a remarkable comment on the rapid progress made possible by recombinant DNA techniques that a session could be devoted to discussing therapeutic strategies...
Dates: 1989

Molecular Cytogenetics Bridging the Resolution Gap, 1989-10-30 - 1989-11-02

Scope and Contents

The meeting, Molecular Cytogenetics: Bridging the Resolution Gap, examined new strategies for handling and analyzing DNA intermediate in size between the DNAs studied by cytogenetics and by cloning techniques. It seems that although one can optimize techniques and strategies, a considerable element of luck is involved in finding a sought-after gene in kilobases of DNA.

Dates: 1989-10-30 - 1989-11-02

The Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology of Marfan Syndrome, 1991-04-19 - 1991-04-21

Scope and Contents Marfan Syndrome is a disorder of connective tissue, and the patients are also remarkably tall and thin (Abraham Lincoln is thought by some to have had Marfan Sydrome). Scientsts have been mapping the chromosomal location of the gene involved and cloning DNA from that location, in addtion to studying proteins known to be important for connective tissue function. Two lines of research came together at this spring meeting when it was found that both the gene mappers and the candidate protein...
Dates: 1991-04-19 - 1991-04-21