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Venter, J. Craig


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Maynard Olson, 2003-06-01

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents Maynard Olson, an early architect of the Human Genome Project, is interviewed by Mila Pollock and Kiryn Haslinger on June 6, 2003, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Cold Spring Harbor, New York.Maynard Olson discusses the following in his interview: Scene 1. Involvement in genomics -- Scene 2. Albert Committee -- Scene 3. Surprises in the Human Genome Project -- Scene 4. Jim Watson and the Human Genome Project -- Scene 5. Competition in Science -- Scene 6. Craig Venter and...
Dates: 2003-06-01

Michael Ashburner, 2003-05-31

 Item — Box AV01, miniDV: CSHL1009
Scope and Contents Michael Ashburner speaks about topics relating to his participation in genomics and gene regulation research. His recollections of the key participants in the competition between the public and private efforts to sequence the human genome, Craig Venter's formation of Celera Genomics, details surrounding the 1996 Bermuda Principles on Data Release, and the first Collaborative Annotation Jamboree held in 1999 are among the topics discussed. Ashburner also relates his experiences coming to the...
Dates: 2003-05-31

Myers and Cox, 2003-05-31

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents David Cox and Richard Myers, are interviewed by Mila Pollock and Kiryn Haslinger, on May 31, 2003, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, New York. David Cox's interview discusses the following: LIFE IN SCIENCE: Evolving Careers, Roles, and Relationship, Division of Labor, Strengths of the Relationship, The Cox and Myers Partnership, Radiation Hybrid Mapping.GENOME RESEARCH: Challenges of the HGP, Involvement in Genomics, Craig...
Dates: 2003-05-31

Oral History Collection

Identifier: OH
Scope and Contents The Oral History Collection contains interviews conducted with 200 scientists within the fields of molecular biology, genetics, and the life sciences between 1990 and 2018. The interviewees provide first-hand accounts of their experiences in the fields of modern biology, such as neuroscience, cancer, genetics, plant genetics, genomics, biotechnology and others, from the 1940s through the 2000s. The collection contains audio and video recordings, as well as transcripts of interviews....
Dates: 1990 - 2019

Richard Gibbs, 2008-05-08

 Item — Box AV02, miniDV: CSHL1056
Scope and Contents Richard Gibbs, geneticist and a leader in human genome sequencing, discusses his research correlating gene mutations and disease phenotypes, and the Human Genome Project (HGP.) He remembers the participants and issues discussed at international genome meetings, including the 'Bermuda Principles,' conferences. He recalls key HGP players: Jim Watson, Francis Collins, John Sulston, and Craig Venter. Other topics discussed by Gibbs are ethical issues in genomics, including gene patenting, the...
Dates: 2008-05-08

Gerald Rubin Collection: Model Organism Genome Sequencing

Identifier: GR

The Dr. Gerald Rubin Collection contains documents pertinent to the Drosophila sequencing project collaboration in 1999, the Celera Genomics collaboration, and correspondence with the Department of Energy concerning support for model organism sequencing.

Dates: 1992-1999

Venter, J. Craig, 2009

Scope and Contents From the Collection: CSHL Meetings and Courses Symposia Oral History Interviews contain interviews conducted with 337 scientists within the fields of molecular biology, genetics, and the life sciences, between 2004 and 2018. The interviewees provide first-hand accounts of their experiences in the fields of modern biology as neuroscience, cancer, genetics, plant genetics, genomics, biotechnology and others. The collection contains video recordings. The collection is organized by year of the interviews. Different...
Dates: 2009

Whole genome shotgun sequencing - J. Craig Venter

Scope and Contents From the Series: This meeting brought together the major researchers involved in DNA sequencing since its inception in the 1960s. Prominent guest speakers examined the history of sequencing and how the technology has transformed the biological sciences over the past five decades. Sequencing began with the British biochemist Fred Sanger, two-time winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. While studying nucleic acids in the early 1960s, Sanger figured out a way to sequence small sections of RNA. This work...
Dates: 2015

Norton Zinder Collection

Identifier: NDZ
Abstract The Norton Zinder Collection documents the academic life and career of Norton Zinder a geneticist and microbiologist, Professor Emeritus at the Rockefeller University, and trustee of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Zinder was an active participant in five dynamic decades of biological science, emerging from the confines of the laboratory to national and international arenas addressing political and moral issues such as recombinant DNA research guidelines, the demilitarization of chemical...
Dates: 1938-2012

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