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McElheny, Victor K.


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Ethylene Dichloride: Economic Importance and Potential Health Risks, 1979-11-14 - 1979-11-17

Scope and Contents Examination at the conference of the manufacture and uses of this major chemical industry intermediate, of which some 10 billion pounds is manufactured annually in the United States and most of which is converted to vinyl chloride monomer, showed that although there is a high volume of potential exposures to ethylene dichloride, largely within the chemical industry, the level of exposure is low from the industry point of view, whereas it is worrisome to researchers studying the mutagenicity...
Dates: 1979-11-14 - 1979-11-17

Human Health Data From Defined Populations, 1979-10-28 - 1979-10-31

Scope and Contents Combined genetic and epidemiological investigations of defined groups, a number of them with cancer rates markedly different from that of the general population (according to presentations at the conference) form an important tool for quantifying the impact on cancer rates of such factors as variations in food in the diet, content of water or other drinks, or cigarettes. The conference also heard much evidence that new tools, such as computerized construction of pedigrees of such groups as...
Dates: 1979-10-28 - 1979-10-31

Quantification of Occupational Cancer, 1981-03-29 - 1981-04-02

Scope and Contents Varying viewpoints concerning the extent of the contribution of occupation to overall cancer incidence were presented against a background of epidemiological issues, study methods, statistical approaches, and cancer and chemical production trends. Precise evaluations were made about the role of asbestos exposure in lung cancer and mesothelioma incidence as well as radiation and lung cancer incidence,and the confounding factors of cigarette smoking and the healthy worker effect were...
Dates: 1981-03-29 - 1981-04-02

Quantitative Mammalian Cell Mutagenesis and Mutagen Screening, 1979-05-06 - 1979-05-08

Scope and Contents The conference heard new evidence concerning such mammalian cell systems as the hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase (HGPRT) locus in Chinese hamster ovaries (CHO) and the thymidine kinase (TK)locus in mouse lymphoma cells, which revealed that mutations can be experimentally induced and quantitatively analyzed. Unresolved questions were also explored, such as the actual range of mutational events being assayed and whether the events in cell culture reflect the cellular responses...
Dates: 1979-05-06 - 1979-05-08

Sub-Series II: Chronological Files, Set 2, January-March 1982

 File — Box 2: Series Correspondence, Folder: 4
Identifier: Correspondence
Scope and Contents From the Series: The correspondence series consists of incoming and outgoing mail generated from 1975 to around 2012. Early parts of the collection consist mostly of handwritten or typed letters, with onion paper copies being common. In the later years, Maniatis transitioned to mostly using email and the majority of the correspondence is in that format.The collection is separated into seven subseries:I. Chronological Files, Set 1, 1981-1983 II. Chronological Files, Set 2, 1975-2005...
Dates: January-March 1982

Toward a Less Hazardous Cigarette, 1979-10-14 - 1979-10-16

Scope and Contents The conference heard presentations of evidence, such as declining lung cancer incidence among younger age groups in the United Kingdom, and United States studies reporting lower rates of lung cancer among filter-cigarette smokers and a reduced frequency of bronchial lesions in hospital patients of recent years (with known smoking frequencies) compared with similar groups of patients 15 years earlier. All of this evidence indicates that the risk of smoking-related lung cancer is being reduced...
Dates: 1979-10-14 - 1979-10-16

James D. Watson Collection

Identifier: JDW
Abstract The James D. Watson Collection documents the life and career of James D. Watson, co-recipient of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA, the Director (and later President and Chancellor) of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the first director of the National Center for Human Genome Research. The collection includes photographs, correspondence, manuscripts, laboratory notebooks, administrative records, teaching files,...
Dates: 1800s-2022

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