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Collins, Francis S.


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Aristides Patrinos, 2006-03-03

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents Ari Patrinos, biologist and environmental scientist, is interviewed by Mila Pollock on March 3, 2006, at the J. Craig Venter Institute, in Rockville, Maryland.Ari Patrinos discusses the following in his interview: Scene 1. Synthetic Genomics, Inc. -- Scene 2. Becoming a scientist -- Scene 3. Road to the Department of Energy -- Scene 4. Switching fields in science -- Scene 5. Early involvement in the Human Genome Project -- Scene 6. Opposition to sequencing the human genome at the...
Dates: 2006-03-03

David Bentley, 2004-05-14

 Item — Box AV01, miniDV: CSHL1017
Scope and Contents David Bentley, geneticist and a founding member of the management team of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, is interviewed by Mila Pollock on May 14, 2004, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, New York. David Bentley's interview discusses the following topics: Scene 1. Becoming a scientist -- Scene 2. Alternative career paths -- Scene 3. Involvement in genomics -- Scene 4. Mapping human chromosomes -- Scene 5. Mechanics of the HGP: 1986 meeting at the Medical Research...
Dates: 2004-05-14

Francis Collins, 2003-05-31

 Item — Box AV01, miniDV: CSHL1036
Scope and Contents Francis Collins, Human Genome Project leader, is interviewed by Mila Pollock and Jan Witkowski, on May 31, 2003, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, in Cold Spring Harbor, New York. Francis Collins discusses the following in his interview: Scene 1. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia -- Scene 2. Bruce Stillman, Director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory -- Scene 3. Jim Watson, personality and influence -- Scene 4. Jim Watson, personality and influence: the Human Genome Project -- Scene 5. Involvement...
Dates: 2003-05-31

Genetic Approaches to Schizophrenia, 1988-04-17 - 1988-04-20

Scope and Contents The Genetic Approaches in Schizophrenia meeting brought together expert geneticists and psychiatrists who have been studying the genetics of schizophrenia. The aim of the meeting was to determine if the armamentarium of molecular genetics that has been applied so successfully in other human inherited disorders can be applied to schizophrenia. However, it became clear during the course of the meeting that so little is known about the underlying biology of schizophrenia, and its definitive...
Dates: 1988-04-17 - 1988-04-20

"In Search of Ourselves" The Human Genome Project, 1990-05

Identifier: AV/6
Scope and Contents

"In Search of Ourselves" The Human Genome Project; features James D. Watson, Francis Collins and others; from news channel WFAA, Dallas TX.

Dates: 1990-05

Letter from Frank Collins to Sydney Brenner, 11/10/1995

 Item — Box 3, Folder: 1
Identifier: SB_1_1_96_150
Scope and Contents From the Series: The Correspondence series consists of incoming and outgoing handwritten and typed letters, carbons, postcards, faxes, and telegrams generated during Sydney Brenner's career. The bulk of this series covers the late 1940s to the 2000s. Correspondents include over 30 Nobel laureates, as well as biochemists, geneticists, students, publishers, and others. Highlights of the collection include the correspondence from Francis Crick, with whom Brenner shared an office for 20 years. Topics covered...
Dates: 11/10/1995

Molecular Cytogenetics Bridging the Resolution Gap, 1989-10-30 - 1989-11-02

Scope and Contents

The meeting, Molecular Cytogenetics: Bridging the Resolution Gap, examined new strategies for handling and analyzing DNA intermediate in size between the DNAs studied by cytogenetics and by cloning techniques. It seems that although one can optimize techniques and strategies, a considerable element of luck is involved in finding a sought-after gene in kilobases of DNA.

Dates: 1989-10-30 - 1989-11-02

Molecular Genetics of Breast Cancer, 1991

Scope and Contents Molecular Genetics of Breast Cancer meeting showed that progress is being made in determining the genetic factors that are involved in breast cancer.The meeting brought together scientists who are following two different lines of research in the pursuit of the genetic causes of breast cancer.Epidemiologists and population geneticists are using linkage studies to map genes in families with a high incidence of breast cancer, and at this meeting,they were able to compare their data from...
Dates: 1991

Oral History Collection

Identifier: OH
Scope and Contents The Oral History Collection contains interviews conducted with 200 scientists within the fields of molecular biology, genetics, and the life sciences between 1990 and 2018. The interviewees provide first-hand accounts of their experiences in the fields of modern biology, such as neuroscience, cancer, genetics, plant genetics, genomics, biotechnology and others, from the 1940s through the 2000s. The collection contains audio and video recordings, as well as transcripts of interviews....
Dates: 1990 - 2019

Richard Gibbs, 2008-05-08

 Item — Box AV02, miniDV: CSHL1056
Scope and Contents Richard Gibbs, geneticist and a leader in human genome sequencing, discusses his research correlating gene mutations and disease phenotypes, and the Human Genome Project (HGP.) He remembers the participants and issues discussed at international genome meetings, including the 'Bermuda Principles,' conferences. He recalls key HGP players: Jim Watson, Francis Collins, John Sulston, and Craig Venter. Other topics discussed by Gibbs are ethical issues in genomics, including gene patenting, the...
Dates: 2008-05-08

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