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McClintock, Barbara, 1902-1992


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Amar Klar & Jeff Strathern, 2000-05-01

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents Amar Klar and Jeff Strathern, leading yeast geneticists, are interviewed by Mila Pollock at the National Cancer Institute, in Frederick, Maryland.Amar Klar and Jeff Strathern discuss the following in their interview: Scene 1. Introduction -- Scene 2. Forming the Yeast Group at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory -- Scene 3. Amar Klar arriving at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory -- Scene 4. Experience working at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory -- Scene 5. Jeff Strathern arriving at Cold...
Dates: 2000-05-01

Ashley Dunn, 2003-01-15

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents Ashley Dunn's interview discusses the following: LIFE IN SCIENCE: Advice to Young Scientists; Becoming a Scientist; Scientific Career; Joe Sambrook, Mentor; Working with Joe Sambrook; Women in Science: Barbara McClintock.JAMES D. WATSON: Meeting Jim Watson; Working with Jim Watson, CSHL; Jim Watson, Personality & Influence; CSHL: Writing a Paper on RNA Splicing; Jim Watson, Writer.CSHL: Arriving at CSHL; Barbara...
Dates: 2003-01-15

Carnegie Institution of Washington at Cold Spring Harbor Administrative Records

Identifier: CIWA
Abstract This collection contains the administrative records of the directors of the Carnegie Institution of Washington Station for Experimental Evolution (1904-1921) and its successor, the Department of Genetics (1921-1962), and its final institution, The Genetics Research Unit (1962-1974), which was opened in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, in 1904. These records document the history of a 20th scientific research center and the development of a modern organizational structure through...
Dates: 1898-1977

Elizabeth Blackburn, 2000-06-01

 Item — Box AV05, Hi8: CSHL1217
Scope and Contents Elizabeth Blackburn remembers details of her conversations with Barbara McClintock, meetings and symposia at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the changes in those meetings over time. She comments on Jim Watson's and Alexander Olivnikov's papers and contributions to the study of lambda phage DNA, and on her mentoring of scientist Carol Greider. Elizabeth Blackburn discusses the following in her interview: Scene 1. Barbara McClintock -- Scene 2. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: a stimulating...
Dates: 2000-06-01

Ernst Peter Fischer, 2000-06-23

 Item — Box AV06, Hi8: CSHL1242
Scope and Contents Ernst Peter Fischer, scientist and science writer, is interviewed by Mila Pollock on June 23, 2000, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, New York. They discuss Max Delbrück. Ernst Peter Fischer's interview discusses the following: Scene 1. Meeting Max Delbrück -- Scene 2. An invitation from Max Delbrück: moving to Caltech for graduate school -- Scene 3. From Caltech to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: summers spent in Max Delbrück's laboratory -- Scene 4. Arrival at Cold...
Dates: 2000-06-23

Evelyn Witkin, 2000-06-01

 Item — Box AV08, Hi8: CSHL1318
Scope and Contents Evelyn Witkin, a leading bacterial geneticist, is interviewed by Mila Pollock on June 1, 2000, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, in Cold Spring Harbor, New York.Evelyn Witkin discusses the following in her interview: Scene 1. Becoming a scientist -- Scene 2. Discrimination at New York University -- Scene 3. Arrival at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory -- Scene 4. Leaving Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory -- Scene 5. Remembering the Carnegie Institute and the Biological Laboratory at Cold...
Dates: 2000-06-01

Gerald Rubin, 2003-05-30

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents Gerald Rubin, geneticist and molecular biologist, is interviewed by Mila Pollock and Kiryn Haslinger on May 30, 2003, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, in Cold Spring Harbor, New York.Gerald Rubin discusses the following in his interview: Scene 1. Involvement in genomics -- Scene 2. Surprises in the Human Genome Project -- Scene 3. Dangers of the Human Genome Project -- Scene 4. Competition in science -- Scene 5. Gene patenting -- Scene 6. Future of genomics -- Scene 7. Science...
Dates: 2003-05-30

Ilan Gluzman, 2023-03-10

Scope and Contents

Ilan Gluzman talks about growing up on the grounds of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as a son of CSHL Scientist Yakov (Yasha) Gluzman.

Topics included: Hooper House, Blizzard of '78, Sledding Hill, Snowmen, Barbra McClintok and her dog, Canoeing and the Boathouse, Jones Lab roof, crab apple tree, James lab smell, firehouse, secret leaf pile, ski trips, animal house and the 25A bike trip.

Dates: 2023-03-10

Jeffrey H. Miller, 2006-03-08

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents From the Collection: The Oral History Collection contains interviews conducted with 200 scientists within the fields of molecular biology, genetics, and the life sciences between 1990 and 2018. The interviewees provide first-hand accounts of their experiences in the fields of modern biology, such as neuroscience, cancer, genetics, plant genetics, genomics, biotechnology and others, from the 1940s through the 2000s. The collection contains audio and video recordings, as well as transcripts of interviews....
Dates: 2006-03-08

John Cairns, 2000-06-14

 Item — Multiple Containers
Scope and Contents John Cairns, physician and molecular biologist, is interviewed by Mila Pollock and Deborah Barnes, in Chipping Norton, England, on July 14, 2000. John Cairns describes the people and circumstances which influenced and guided his career in science. From his relationships with the pioneers of the field of molecular biology in the 1950s, his research on viruses and DNA replication at the Australian National University, Caltech, and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, to his years as director of Cold...
Dates: 2000-06-14

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